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Luxury Revitalization - Anytime, Anywhere

The Duo.

Michelle & Sanjeev have been working together since 2012 in various sectors of the Health Care Field. Learn more about them here. Always striving to learn more about the new advancements in medicine, both Michelle and Dr. Goel care deeply about helping patients and getting them back on track and working towards their health goals


    Science Behind our Solutions

    At Drip Trip by Peak Human, we take our treatments very seriously. With a combination of over 37 years of Medical Expertise, we use the safest and most up to date standards to ensure we provide the best care.


    Osmolality & pH calculator

    We have spent a significant amount of time and research formulating IV Bag Solutions. Not only have we done extensive research on which ingredients will be best for each IV, we also have calculated all our IVs to ensure they are within the osmolality which is most suitable for the concentration of blood. This formulation ensures that we prevent complications such as phlebitis which can cause pain and damage to blood vessels.


    Hooded vent 

    All our IVs are mixed under a sterile environment in our lab and is done under a hooded vent to ensure no bacteria or debris is present in the formulation stage of the IV Bags

    Health history before IV recommendation 

    Before any IV treatment is done, we discuss the reason behind the IV and go over your health history. We do this so we can recommend which IV is best and if the patient would benefit from a custom IV. During the health history we also take down information about medications and allergies to ensure there are no complications during treatment.

    On the Spot IV Bag Mixtures

    At Drip Trip by Peak Human, we formulate and mix IV bags after we have spoken to the patient. We ensure the bag is freshly mixed and is not left in a fridge to sit over a long period of time. This means that the potency of the vitamins, amino acids and trace minerals are highly concentrated and less of a chance for exotoxins to form.

    Expertise with ingredients, medications and peptides 

    Both Dr. Goel and Michelle are continuously researching IV formulas, solutions, medications and peptides. Continuous education is done to improve our knowledge to pass along the best form of healthcare to our patients.

    One on one patient care


    Both new and existing patients have direct access to Michelle by cellphone (call, text or whats app). During this discussion, health history is gathered. Dr. Goel will review the medical background and an IV package will be advised.

    During a home visit, Michelle or Dr. Goel will monitor the patient(s) during the whole duration of the treatment. Unlike other IV businesses which hook patients up and leave giving the patient no choice but to take out their own IV we find this very unprofessional and a potential medical complication. There are multiple IV issues which may arise (phlebitis, interstitial leakage, improper biohazard waste disposal, fainting, or blood and IV fluid leaking out of the entry site if the IV is removed improperly). As medical professionals it is our job to monitor and make sure the treatment is done correctly without any issues. During this time we also love to discuss any other medical issues you may have and give input on how we can help.

    Our Services

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